ERIMA records strong growth in first quarter of 2014

7. April 2014 Wolfram Mannherz (owner ERIMA) is happy about an excellent start to 2014.

ERIMA enjoys excellent start to 2014: The German sports brand was able to significantly increase its turnover by just under 18 percent in the first quarter.


March was a particularly good month. Sales grew by 24 percent in comparison to the same period in the previous year. "This year we were already represented in January in retailers and clubs and associations with our new team sports catalogue. This is now reflected in the excellent sales figures", states Wolfram Mannherz as one of the reasons for the exceptional start to the year. On the product side, he ascribes the success to the new teamsports line Premium One, among others, which has already been available since February 2014 and is being very well received by the sports clubs and associations. In addition, another three colours have been added to the successful football line CLUB 1900 in 2014, bringing the total to 10 colours. Furthermore, the hardware pre-order for 2014 with the football line Progression Series and the much sought-after top football Senzor Match was able to be supplied in March.


The key word is delivery: Here ERIMA was able to recover in recent months and regain its old strengths. "The ability to deliver is the nuts and bolts in teamsports. We plan that in the coming weeks 99 percent of our products will be available without delay. Not least because of the fact that we want to take advantage of the momentum of the first quarter for the rest of 2014", states Wolfram Mannherz optimistically about the coming months.